Mission statement

Let your beliefs evolve with you.

We constantly find effective ways to encourage people in all walks of life, to facilitate them to live their life to the fullest with integrity to self and to others.
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about” - Rumi
Relationships are dwindling by day and our major purpose is to offer sacred and safe space where we can explore our relationships with ourselves, others and our Organisations, society and nature.
Our programmes cater to this fundamental level with different methodologies that pave the path towards realising and internalizing this.

Company overview

Our belief system.

There is so much we can do, with the choices we have, if we are awake to it. If we can show up, be present to yourself, and to others, we create an opportunity, to make an impact in this world.

If I can break my mindset, be mindful and aware, I can bring my limiting beliefs up to the surface and get out of my comfort zone.

If I can take ownership, and cut out the ongoing drama in my life, I can become fully present.

If I can get to know myself, and start to consider the possibilities of true equality by lifting myself and others, then it means I like everyone, am happy to be alive.

If instead of saying one day, I walk with trust today and make me open to peace and happiness, I am learning to be empowered.

If I can prove that opinions are opinions, instead rely on truth, I can say that I live in a world that builds certainty and groundedness. 


In my non-stop inquiry into questioning life, I have found this pathway both useful and practical. My “NVC Lab’s”, is a radical way to work your inner patterns and maps. These retreats are offered if there are a minimum of ten people. Human beings everywhere are not looking for new philosophies, we need an “Inner Space” to share, hold and discover.

Who looks outside, Dreams Who looks inside, Awakes –Carl Jung As a Process Oriented Facilitator, it overlaps several methodologies that embeds Training, Coaching and Facilitation. An Inter-disciplinary and interactive method of working, understanding one’s Inner life, relationships and daily living. Some of the objectives in these process are, become aware of one's pattern of Behaviour, know the impact of one's behaviour on others, Improve one’s effectiveness in interpersonal relationships, discover your potential to live more effectively and meaningfully.

My Coaching style has been honed over a decade, it’s an approach that provides emotional psychological and practical support. A partnering journey that works from a perspective of nurturing self, collaborating, understanding with each other and shines a potential to promote a self defined success and resilience.

I specialize in bringing forth Self-Awareness, Interpersonal Awareness and Organisational Awareness. By understanding the needs of the clients, we customize the Modules that suits the needs of the participants and also develop contents which would have role plays, storytelling, games, customized group activities, apply various methods that can enable the participants to easily pick the objectives and learn, unlearn and apply at their workplace and life.


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